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5 Killer Reasons Why Your Next Event Needs a Photo Booth

5 Killer Reasons Why Your Next Event Needs a Photo Booth

Having an event of any kind can be overwhelming. There is so much to think about. Location, invites, timing, cost, food, seating arrangement, speakers, and on and on. It never stops until the event is over. Therefore, you want to make sure you are covering every detail imaginable so it all goes off without a hitch. After all, your event is most likely a big deal, no matter the occasion. From a birthday party to a wedding to a corporate retreat, your event matters to you. And it matters to us. We want your event to go great, and we think there is one thing you need at your event for that to happen: a photo booth!


Yes, you heard that correctly, a photo booth. If there is one thing we know, it is that people love pictures. For example, did you know that a thousand selfies are posted to Instagram every 10 seconds, according to Adweek? Moreover, there are 93 million selfies taken each day. So, yes, people love pictures, which is just one reason you need to have a photo booth at your next event in or around London. Here are five more reasons.


The Memories

You want your event to be memorable. In order to do this, you need something that people will talk about and remember in a good way. A photo booth is just that thing. Not only will people at your event talk about the pictures they took, but they will talk about the fact you had a photo booth and how cool that is, which leads to reason two.


Keeps Giving

Pictures from a photo booth are keepsakes. Because they are so unique, and they cannot always be kept digitally and get lost in the shuffle, they offer something tangible. People will most likely share their pictures with others, mentioning they got it at your event. If you are a business, that is free marketing. If you are throwing a personal event, that keeps you relevant socially. That leads to reason three.



With a photo booth today, you can easily market your company through these pictures, getting them in front of your audience on social media or wherever you or attendees share them. And for those using a photo booth for a personal event, you can have social media account information on the photo. That ties in with reason four.



 With technology built in to photo booths today, you can do so many things with the pictures—from funny frames or other icons to sending it instantly from the booth. This makes the experience much more personalized and unique. Which leads to reason five.


It is Personal

There is nothing more personal than a photo. Think about the fact that when you are taking a selfie or someone is taking an image of you or your friends, it is a personal moment. It is all about you. And this is something you can give to guests at your event. A personal experience about them at an event that is really about something else. And that is special.


There you have it! A photo booth is the perfect must-have for your next event in or around London. Contact us today to book one of our booths, all with technology built in and for a variety of events and uses.


How do I book a Photo Booth? & What can I expect from Photobooths London?

Over the years we have encountered many a question from customers regarding the process involved when making a booking with us and also what they can expect once they have done so. Below are some pointers and tips that can help answer all the most common questions and highlight the benefits of booking with an experienced and professional provider.

The first thing you need to do is find the best possible provider, below is one way you can do it;


Google Search

Which words should I search? – Search words relative to your event, for example if you are having a wedding search “Wedding Photo Booth Hire” your search should be specific to your own requirements. Have a look through as many companies as you can, ask as many questions as you feel necessary when speaking to the prospective hirer. Also check if you can find any customer reviews either on their website or on Google as this is a fantastic way to see what their previous clients have to say about them.

A WORD OF WARNING – Do not always go for the cheapest provider, in many cases and especially when it comes to photo booth hire you get what you pay for. Cheap providers typically have cheaper equipment (e.g; Camera, Printer & Software). Poor customer service and in allot of cases are known to show up late or not show up at all.


Booking With Photobooths London in 3 easy steps


Step 1;  From the moment you make first contact with us you will be in the expert hands of our bookings team, they will answer any question you have and make recommendations as to which package is best for you, they can also tailor make packages specifically to your requirements if necessary.  You can view our packages on our website 


Step 2: Once the booking has been confirmed and a deposit taken you will receive a booking form, this form will allow you to provide all the information relevant to your booking and allows us to arrange your booking so that it all goes smoothly on the day  and the booth attendant knows precisely what has to be done, everything from booth colour to the message on your prints is taken down as we do not leave any stone unturned!

In the lead up to your booking our teams will be contactable either via telephone, e mail or both and we can even give you a call on the day of your booking to let you know we are on our way if you want us to.


Step 3:  Time for the the fun part, we will arrive at the agreed time and have the booth ready for your event, our booth attendants are consummate professionals and have vast experience of working at all types of events, so you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. All our packages come with UNLIMITED PRINTOUTS so you and your guests can use the booth as many times throughout the booking as you can handle. Once the booking is over all the pictures and videos will be stored on a USB stick and given to you along with your guestbook so you can look back over the pictures.

We hope this has been helpfull, please visit the Photobooths London website if you would like to find out more and keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs.